Stories of Good

Overcoming the odds to drive change

"Being in this space provides learning proximity to learn from like-minded organisations. It also energises us to do better as there are always positive CSR vibes within this community. Our challenge is to continue to stay relevant so that our CSR offerings can better complement that of our charity partners." — Ivy Choo, Head of Changi Foundation, Changi Airport Group

As businesses increasingly realise the need to play a more active role in society, many of them learn the hard way that creating positive change is beset with challenges, particularly when trying to do so in a way that also makes business sense.

Companies like Changi Airport Group, Micrographics Data and susGain remain unfazed, however. Holding steadfast to their corporate purpose and values, these companies have overcome hurdles like Covid-19 putting a stop to in-person volunteering, resource constraints that limited impact, and difficulty in forming suitable partnerships.

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