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Leading movement towards corporate purpose

"Giving back should be embraced by every employee and every function of the company should be guided by this shared corporate purpose. While it may be hard to get bad press when it comes to reporting on CSR, no amount of such reports can help a company if its actions go against good corporate citizenship." — Angeline Chin, Senior Director, Global Community Impact APAC, Johnson & Johnson

While the notion of corporate purpose is relatively nascent, more companies are realising that there is a real business case here: it builds loyalty amongst employees, meets investor and regulator expectations, and allows the company to stand out as a leader in its industry.

H.A.M. Creations Pte Ltd and Johnson & Johnson—members of the Alliance for Action on Corporate Purpose (AfA-CP)—understand the value of embedding corporate purpose at the core of their businesses, and also recognise the importance of involving all organisations and sectors in this movement to create real, lasting impact for society and the environment.

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