Stories of Good

More can be done in companies’ journey to give back to society

“Our society is no longer dependent only on the government, but also on well-functioning businesses which meet the needs of society, ranging from employment creation to equitable growth, among others.” —Vinod Narayanan, Country President (Singapore), AstraZeneca

As evidenced by our Corporate Giving Study 2021 which revealed that only 14 per cent of respondents agreed their businesses had contributed to the well-being of society, there are growing expectations for companies to go beyond a narrow focus on profit to also being a force for good.

And companies like AstraZeneca and PSA Singapore are well aware of such expectations and have made moves towards meeting them.

AstraZeneca launched and digitalised its Access360 programme to help patients access subsidies and related services to maximise affordability and care, while PSA Singapore is designing Tuas Port to be a smart and green port in pursuit of its and the government's decarbonisation goals.

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