Stories of Good

How can a well-defined corporate purpose be a force for good?

Can a business do good and do well at the same time?

Purposeful business is not at odds with generating business value, says Vivian Chua, managing director of HP Singapore. "Success goes beyond profitability, growth rate and brand recognition. Customers, employees and stakeholders judge a company by how its activities impact the community, economy, and environment at large.

Indeed, more companies are re-evaluating their purpose—which guides all that a company does, from business model and strategy, down to operations, policies and company culture.

Focusing on climate action, human rights and digital equity, tech company HP Singapore has set out to be “the most just and sustainable technology company by 2030”, powered by sustainable service models and designs. Major food and agri-business company Olam — with its purpose to “Re-imagine Global Agriculture and Food Systems”—seeks to improve the environmental and social footprint of its supply chains.

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